Our start-up was in the project management and the implementation in the civil constructions field since 1995 at a many companies, then we have harvested the administration and technical success, and we gained the capabilities that made as to be unique to establish our special office under the name of “Aedy Ameen Alasbahi office” that was established in 2002.

The Successes accelerated according to the goal set in light of development and ambition. We have added to the field of our construction work a new activity for the implementation of electrical networks. Worthily, we have implemented several projects for the extension of electrical networks and high and low voltage lines (33 kv, 11kv), as well as power plants in many villages and governorates throughout the Republic, making our company to be one of the genuineness and most efficient companies in this field.

What distinguishes us is the long experience inherent in the ambitious young management that has stepped up the ladder of success until it culminated in the “National Profiles of Engineering and Construction” in 2007, step by step and success after success in the field of construction and electrical works.

We had to keep pace with the times in the field of technology to meet all the needs of our customers and the community, we have worked to attract specialized and qualified staff, and qualify and train our technical cadres in the field of information technology, so we have developed extensive experience and got many certificates from our customers. At the beginning of 2018, we added the activity of “Information and Communication Technology” to our fields officially after we have a stash of experience, and the implementation is comparable to our other fields.

Asabeh National Engineering and Construction is not just a company, but a group of interconnected forces and ideas that keep abreast of all new and looking forward to a bright future. Our success is not just words but a tangible success on the ground.