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Our Services

IT & Networking and cyber security Solutions
  • IT Solutions
  • Networking Solutions
  • Cyber Security Solutions
  • Web Development Solutions
  • Graphic Design Solutions



Electrical Services

  • High and low voltage power transmission lines
  • Supply and installation of electrical switching stations and transformers
  • Supply and installation of generators
  • Power and lighting systems

Engineering Services

  • information technology
  • Security and safety services
  • Alternative Energy Systems and Solutions
  • Project management
  • Studies and engineering designs
  • Water Technology

Construction Services

  • Structural buildings
  • Metal construction
  • Security Construction Services
  • Electric Works
  • Roads and bridges
  • Infrastructure and sanitation
  • Fuel stations and tanks
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We are seeking to be the first choice in providing the services and solutions based on quality standards, and expanding in various sectors.

  • Accomplish high quality projects for our clients and community.
  • Providing the needs of our clients with high capabilities efficiency based on safety and security standards.
  • Pursing on everything new in our business.
  • Qualify, train and transfer the experiences to the crew.
  • The company’s faith on the accelerated and sustainable growth that targets the three construction’s foundation:
    • (Timetable, budget, Quality)
  • Obtaining the clients’ trust and building a special, strong, consistent, sustainable relationship with them.
  • Building the community and support the economy.


Al Asabeh Alwatanyh Company for Engineering and Construction, a local company working in the creation, implementation and completion of projects, works, services and technical and engineering consultancy with our local partners and leading international companies, as well as with international and local organizations, government institutions and bodies with qualified Yemeni cadres with multiple technical expertise and skills, thus establishing itself as one of the most prominent Engineering & Construction Companies in Yemen.


Our start-up was in the project management and the implementation in the civil constructions field since 1995 at a many companies, then we have harvested the administration and technical success, and we gained the capabilities that made as to be unique to establish our special office under the name of “Aedy Ameen Alasbahi office” that was established in 2002.


I am very happy to see the figures achieved by creating direct and indirect job opportunities in all our projects, working on training and qualifying employees, and transferring our experiences during 23 years in all construction fields.

In addition to the strategy and planning in achieving the goals, and the development of policies and determine the necessary methods to achieve them to be one of the best engineering and construction companies in meeting the needs of our customers and the community on the basis of quality, speed and cost.

Therefore Al-Asabh Alwatanyh for Engineering and Construction Company has become at the forefront of outstanding companies in the field of engineering and construction of all kinds, and this success is due to the efficiency of the staff who work to the highest standards and a spirit of partnership, responsibility and love of work.

This has helped us to expand our work in the technology sector and we have achieved great success with high quality services and products for international companies.


General Director

Aedy Amin Al-Asbahi


  • Year after year since inception, in accordance with the objectives and continuous growth, Al-Asabh Alwatanyh team has a highly qualified and capable team that is able to adapt, innovate and come-up with solutions in the harshest working environment conditions, for the skills and experience gained through their work in the company for many years.
  • It was not enough for Al-Asabh Alwatanyh, but the management of the company has worked according to the plan to attract and recruit more talented cadres and joins them in its team while providing a creative environment for creativity and innovation in the light of successful management and policy of motivation and care.
  • In all our previous works and projects, we have been committed to and will remain obliged to our customers in providing a team with high capabilities, competencies and professionalism to carry out our business with high quality and strive to satisfy our customers and maintain a continuous working relationship.
  • The continuous growth of national resources has been accompanied by increasing manpower and developing its capabilities and equipment. This distinguishes NSSC from other competitors in the local market. We have also been keen to provide the largest job opportunities to contribute to economic growth.


Al-Asabh Alwatanyh for Engineering and Construction has committed to the work of a specialized health and safety department within the organizational structure of the company, and allocated the necessary resources of staff, funds and time to ensure the protection of all workers in the workplace from the risks of injuries and diseases of health, On any other goal.

The administration of the Company will provide all elements and support all activities required to ensure the health and safety of all employees or visitors to the facilities of the company or any other site operated by the company.

Al-Asabh Alwatanyh for engineering and construction within its organizational structure has an independent department specialized in quality management.

It has four main components:

  • Quality Planning. Quality Assurance (QA).
  • Quality Control (QC).
  • Quality improvement

In order to ensure the provision of appropriate services to its customers in accordance with the highest international standards and specifications (ISO), and according to the required specifications.

Construction services
Construction services
Construction services
Construction services
Construction services
Electrical services
  • Network Design
  • Network Planning
  • Network Deployment
  • Network Security
  • Network Analysis and Reporting
  • Remote Network Monitoring
  • Network Support

• Routing and switching
• Security appliances and firewalls.
• WAN optimization.
• Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Unified Communications.
• Internet Protocol Security (IPSec)
• Wireless services.
• Cisco consultation.









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